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Whether you have your event planned out all the way from colors to location, or the only thing you know is that this event is happening, we've got your back!


concept design + execution

Feeling overwhelmed, not sure whereto begin? Maybe you have the perfect Pinterest-worthy wedding, but are just not sure how to make it reality. Let us take the pressure and stress off of you, and leave you with all the fun stuff, like cake tasting and picking the perfect pair of dancing shoes! This package provides you with 2 personally curated in-depth vision boards, of your wedding start to finish. Once you land on a vision, we help to provide vendors, quotes and guidance in selection.


website design

Have too many details to fit on a simple invite? Let us help you elevate your guest experience by creating a customized website for your next bash. 


day of coordination

Let our day-of coordinator(s) take the stress away from you and your loved ones. We are there to ensure every detail goes exactly as planned...and if it doesn't, we will be there to make sure not a soul notices!


month-of coordinator

The perfect package for couples who have already started planning, but are looking for hands on assistance to get everything across the finish-line, and allows you enjoy the days leading up to your spectacular celebration!

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