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Let's have a bash.




My name is Kelsey Schweibert, owner of Let's Have a Bash. I am so glad you are considering us for your special occasion. If you are anything like me, you will want to know who you are trusting with your special day. I am a West Michigan girl, with a love of boating, my dogs Gus Gus & Benji, home decorating and of course EVENTS! What started out as a volunteer gig with my mom quickly turned into a passion and a dream. A career in non-profits has allowed me to give back to my community, while creating spectacular fundraising events. Aside from the obvious benefit of raising money for worthwhile causes, my favorite part of my professional journey has always been event day, when all your hard work, dream-boards, sleepless nights and visions come to light, when your guests enter the room and get to see exactly what you had envisioned for them, when they leave the event and talk about how much FUN they had, that is what I found myself living for. I would come home after work and find myself planning my friends events, without them even knowing (my best friends engagement party was planned fully before her now husband had even proposed). The point being, I have a passion and a love for creating memorable events and spectacular first impressions, I can't wait to hear what your vision is! 

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